Temperature Alert System

Monitor your coolers and get alerts before your product goes bad.


Don't lose valuable product

Set alert thresholds to ensure you know about your cooler errors. Be notified when the temperature rises or when your location loses power.

Bad Food

Custom set sensors

Assign each sensor a name and alert temperature. Be notifed as to which sensor has reported an issue over text and email.


Whether your system loses power or the temperature rises, we will notify you in a timely manner so that you can respond accordingly.

Mobile Alerts
Temperature Reports

Online Monitoring

Monitor your sensors from anywhere with our online reporting. Keep track of when your coolers are being left open and analyze why your wasting cooling.

Monitor from anywhere.

Using our wireless technologies, you can place your sensors anywhere at your location! Get alerts sent to your phone or email and view temperatures online from anywhere. With an estimated 6-12 month battery life, never worry about your product going bad again.

Food Aisle

Do we have all the features you need?

Completely Wireless

With a range of up to 1.25 miles and our estimated 6-12 month battery life, you can place your sensors virtually anywhere!



With lease plans starting at $49/mo, there's sure to be a plan that suits your business. Would you rather purchase outright? We offer that as well!



Get email and text alerts when your temperatures rise above your setting.


Remote Monitoring

Monitor your temperatures from anywhere with our online app.


Smart Reports

Reports that help you save money. See where you're wasting your cooling.


Mounting Options

If you can use screws, we offer our sensors with flanges for easy mounting. We also provide clean sensors that mount with either magnets or double sided tape.