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Party Booking

Book parties online and in store with multiple payment options.

Only $149/mo*

Booking Calendar

*Taxes and overages may apply.

24/7 Online booking Your customers can book online at any time of the day. Whether they're on mobile or desktop, our system will be available for them.
Unlimited forms customized to suit your business. Build as many forms as you need. Customize to work for groups, parties, ticketing, and more!
Manage your setup from anywhere Control and view your system from you desktop or your mobile phone. As long as you have an internet connection, we've got you covered.
Sell add ons and additional celebrants Upsell your customers with special add ons or charge extra for additional celebrants.
Process payments with PayPal or stripe Use either PayPal or Stripe or both to process your customers bookings. Accept predefined, custom, or full deposits online.
Simple integration with your existing website If you already have pages built for your events, great! Simply link out to your new forms that you create with us. If you don't have your own pages built, no worries, use our simple online menu builder to get things moving.

Call Buttons

Make sure your employees are at the right place, at the right time.

Starts at $149/mo*
Or $3499*

Call Buttons

*Taxes and overages may apply. Buyout includes 1 year of online access after which is $149/year.

Hear your button anywhere Whether you need the system to integrate with your store speakers or mobile walkies, we've got you covered!
Customize your voices Using google's neural networks, we have the best customized voices in the business. Customize each button to say exactly what you want.
Monitor your employee response time with intelligent reporting With numerous reports to choose from, you will always be aware of how your store is doing. If you have multiple locations, you can even compare across stores!
Weekly business reports Add as many emails as you'd like to receive your business summary each and every week.
Completely wireless paging system The only thing that needs to be tethered is the hub. Everything else is battery powered and operates on RF to allow you to place your buttons anywhere.
Up to 3 year battery life Each button has an estimated life span of 3 years with standard use. Each button takes 3 AA batteries.

Temperature Alert

Track your system and get alerts BEFORE you lose product.

Starts at $49/mo*
Or $699*


*Taxes and overages may apply. Buyout includes 1 year of online access after which is $99/year.

24/7 Temperature monitoring Using our online monitoring software, you can view your temperatures anytime, anywhere!
Custom set alert temperatures Set your sensors to alert you whenever the go above a certain temperature.
Notify as many emails or phone numbers as you want When the temperature goes above your set alert temperature, your system will email and text all set up contacts.
Add up to 64 sensors per location Manage up to 64 indivdual sensors with custom set alerts per sensor.
Be notified of power loss If your temperature system hub loses power, our server will notice and alert you to the situation.
Track your system over time Monitor your system to know when temperature fluctuations occur.

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