What is Labor Saver LLC?

Who We Are

Starting out, we were just trying to find a way to solve a problem: having the right employee at the right place, at the right time. We began by creating a crude wired paging system for our family fun park. This provided customers with a way to call for assistance without having to walk across the park. It worked, but we started to desire more from our system. We added features such as data tracking, wireless capabilities, and more until the system no longer felt like a quick fix, but a true solution. Now, our goal is to start spreading our solutions, tested in the real world, to more and more businesses across the nation!

See what our customers think

Lokomotion Logo

Lokomotion Family Fun Park

"Our biggest complaint before our push for service system was about having to walk across the park to our Bumper Boats, only to find no attendant near by. Now, the customer simply presses a button and an employee is running their way!"
-Derek Pettus

Solutions: Call Buttons | Booking Software | Temp Alert
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Fun City Pizza

"Since adding Labor Saver, our already amazing customer service went to the next level. Customers love that they don't have to chase down employees. The employees go to them. I would recommend this service to everyone."
-Ruben Pruitt

Solutions: Call Buttons | Booking Software | Temp Alert
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Hog Wild Family Fun Center

"Before I got the paging system, I didn't realize how often my employees wouldn't be where they're supposed to be. Now, I never have to worry about it again."
-Buddy Grimes

Solutions: Call Buttons | Booking Software | Temp Alert

Meet The Founders Who Care About Your Business

Photo of Zacc Arnold

Zacc Arnold

Chief Financial Officer

"Rooted in sales, I develop our business strategies that keep the company looking forward. I find the best way for you to get our solutions!"

Photo of Logan Davis

Logan Davis

Chief Technology Officer

"As the CTO, I create all of our technologies and ensure their optimal execution. I strive to bring you the best solutions possible."


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Labor Saver LLC
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