Call Button System

Know where your customers need you and allow your employees to react fast.

Call Buttons

Place your buttons anywhere

Our wireless buttons allow easy placement anywhere! Put the buttons where your customers will see and interact with them. The buttons can last up to 3 years on 3 AA batteries.

Button in coffee shop
Call Button settings

Custom settings per call button

Easy and quick settings changes allow you to setup and forget. Our buttons use Googles machines learning AI to create the best voices in the business right from your text input!

Go Karts:

We integrate with your existing audio system

Whether you have distributed speakers or hand held walkie talkies, we've got you covered. We make sure your employees are aware of who needs them.

Walkie Talkie
Call Button Reports

Reports tailored to your business

Our intelligent reports give you the information you need to build customer confidence with fast response times. Setup your weekly email reports so that you and your team can respond quickly to poor service.

Don't turn away your paying customers

Never again face the poor backlash from your employees not being where they need to be. With your new Call Button System, you can be rest assured that when your customers need you, you'll be there. Manage large facilities with fewer employees by getting alerts as to where your customers most need you!

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Do we have all the features you need?

Completely Wireless

With a range of up to 1.25 miles and our estimated 3 year battery life, you can place your buttons virtually anywhere!



With lease plans starting at $149/mo, there's sure to be a plan that suits your business. Would you rather purchase outright? We offer that as well!


Customer Friendly

With our sleek design, durable metal buttons, and your custom branding, your call buttons will look and feel great!



Customize your buttons settings from anywhere with our online setup. Configure each button with a distinct audio message.


Audio Options

Plug right into your existing PA system for all your employees to hear. Or connect to our walkie module to expand to two way radios.


Intelligent Reports

Our reports are tailored to your business. Get custom emails weekly to know how your store is doing.


Custom Branding

Place any logoing or wording on your Call Button that you'd like! Our design team will make sure your system looks great.


Mounting Options

If you can use screws, we offer our buttons with flanges for easy mounting. We also provide clean buttons that mount with either magnets or double sided tape.