VR Elite

Let your customers enjoy the best VR experience.

VR Elite

Most popular games on the market

We update our game lists on a quarterly schedule ensuring that your stations have the most wanted games. With all the games your customers see online, they'll be dying to play!

Game list
Paying money

Don't break the bank

Our competitive pricing makes entry into VR an easy decision! Don't overpay for vr stations that limit you to only a select few games that are rarely updated.

Small footprint

Add a new attraction to your facility without compromising too much space. Our 2-player vr stations comes in at only 15'10" x 10'!

VR Elite Side View
VR Elite back view

Turnkey solution

We come and install the station for you and ensure everything is working. No messing with wires, computers, software, or anything else!

Embrace the VR wave!

Virtual Reality is taking over the gaming industry. There is no denying that VR is the future. Get started off on the right foot by enveloping your customers with the best games with the best experience!

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Do we have all the features you need?

Turnkey solution

No stress install. Our technicians will install the unit in your desired location and get everything setup.



With competitive pricing, the entry to VR is easier than ever.


Custom Game List

A game list tweaked to your business model and updated quarterly. You'll always have the best games.


Small Footprint

Preserve your space with our unit only taking up 15'10" x 10'.


Easy Operation

Only requiring one attendant to operate. Easily start and manage VR sessions from the provided tablet.